Welcome to Green Impact 2018-19!

Green Impact Universities is an environmental accreditation scheme with an awards element designed for departments. If this is the first time you’ve visited your Green Impact Universities workbook, please watch the instruction video below.

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Both the University and NUS are always here to help if you need any support when completing your workbook. Our details can be found in the Contact page on the top right.

To gain the various award levels you will need to achieve the following:
- Working Towards – start doing any of the criteria even if it’s only a few;
- Bronze – complete all the Bronze Criteria;
- Silver – complete all mandatory Bronze and all Silver Criteria;
- Gold – complete all mandatory bronze and silver and all of the Gold criteria;
- Platinum - awarded to the department who gets the highest score from completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold criteria.

What are the projects in the gold section?
The project have been introduced to give you more freedom to design your own sustainable initiative around the themes we have given you. Projects are scored with points and you can see where you can gain points from under the 'auditing' section of the criteria.

To achieve Gold you do not need to achieve full marks in all of the projects. We would like you to implement an action which fits this theme and each project may vary in size, reach and impact.

Enjoy the project!