How do I use the online Green Impact toolkit?
There is a user guide which you can refer to here, which explains how to manage your personal and organisation account, how to access the glossary, how to make and review comments and evidence, how to export or print the toolkit as well as submitting.

If you are still having problems with a particular toolkit functionality issue please contact Michelle from the Green Impact Team on

Where can I get help with the content in the toolkit?
For help with completing the actions in the toolkit please visit the Green Impact resources page or email

Winchester Action on Climate Change may also be able to help with criterion such as greening office space, community action, impact statements, events/campaigns, energy measures, procurement, transport options, waste and recycling measures and water saving. They can be contacted at

GEP environmental can help with energy efficiency, management systems, measurement and verification, compliance, heat and power generation and project management.

You may also find the Resource Efficient Scotland website useful as it contains some great advice and resources (although do bear in mind that some may be specifically tailored for Scottish organisations).