How does the scoring work?
By completing the toolkit and gaining points, you can achieve an award. Here is an overview of the awards and the number of points required for each award level:

Working Towards Accreditation: completing any action within the toolkit.
Bronze Award - you need to achieve 140 points in total.
Silver Award - you need to achieve 250 points in total.
Gold Award - you need to achieve 400 points in total.
'Platinum' Award: - you need to achieve 500 points in total of which at least 50 points are achieved in each category.

Submission dates and audits
You need to submit your toolkit by Friday 1st of April (not a joke!).
The audits will take place in April.

I’m having difficulties with the toolkit
There is a user guide which you can refer to here which explains how to manage your personal and team account, access the glossary, make and review comments and evidence, export or print the toolkit and use other features of the software. If you are still having problems with a particular functionality issue please contact your SOS international contact.

How do I print the toolkit?
There is a printer symbol in the right hand corner above the ‘done’ box on each of the criteria pages. Click that symbol and a new tab will open which provides a print preview page. This lists the criteria in a print-friendly format although of course we recommend you only print if absolutely necessary.

What is the comments box for?
The comments box is there to support your use of the toolkit as well as aiding the audit process. The auditors will wish to see evidence for each action you've completed. The comments box can be used to record information that will make the audit easier by recording where a document is saved for example or by recording who implemented the criteria. This can also support the team in keeping track of what has happened within the team as each comment is threaded showing you who’s left the comment and when.

How do I change my password?
To change your password or any other contact details, click on the profile tab which can be found on the right hand side of the introduction page once you have logged in. You will see that you are then able to enter a new password.

Who can help me with completing the toolkit?
Anyone within your team can support you to complete the toolkit and we would encourage you to get as many people involved as possible - both staff and students. If your colleagues also want access to the toolkit, just get them to register, choosing your team from the drop-down menu so they can see the same comments as you. Please keep in mind that a registration code is necessary: the code for VUB is 148. If you have any problems, please get in touch with your local Green Impact lead. If you experience technical issues, your SOS international contact will be happy to help. Please find their details on the Contact page or in the footer at the bottom of each page.

How is the evidence being used and by whom?
The uploaded evidence is downloaded by the Green Impact coordinator. It is looked at by the local team and auditors, but not saved on individual appliances. The evidence helps auditors in evaluating the participating teams as part of Green Impact. The evidence will not be shared or spread, and is removed at the end of the program.
Pictures and examples of good practices might be used for communication purposes, but in this case the coordinator will always contact the team who uploaded this evidence and ask for their permission. Please contact Ann-Sofie in case you have questions regarding privacy matters.