When does Green Impact start and finish? What are the key dates?

• Deadline for applying for a Student Sustainability Ambassador: 15th October 2021 (Gold Criteria)
• Staff will receive a Sustainability Ambassador: 1st November 2021
• Apply for funding: 2nd February 2022
• 28 Days of Sustainability: 21st February-20th March 2022
• Green Impact submission deadline: 17th May 2022
• Green Impact office audits: 30th and 31st May 2022
• Awards ceremony: Mid-July 2022

How does the scoring work?

• Bronze: Complete all of the actions in the Bronze section
• Silver: Complete all of the actions in the Bronze and Silver sections
• Gold: Complete all of the actions in the Bronze, Silver and Gold sections

*if you are unable to do an action or it is not applicable you won’t be penalised. Just explain why in your comments section.

Labs toolkit:
If you would like to make your lab more sustainable – please contact our Sustainable Labs Officer, Martin Farley or see our labs page here.

How do I print the workbook?
There is a printer symbol in the right hand corner above the ‘done’ box on each of the criteria pages. Click that symbol and a new tab will open which provides a print preview page. This lists the criteria in a print-friendly format although, of course we recommend you only print if absolutely necessary.

What is the comments box for?
The comments box is there to support the workbook completion and audit process. When auditing the auditors will wish to see evidence for the criteria. The comments box can be used to record information that will make the audit easier by recording where a document is saved for example or by recording who implemented the criteria. This can also support the team in keeping track of what has happened within the team as each comment is threaded showing you who’s left the comment and when.

How do I change my password?
To change your password or any other contact details, click on the profile tab which can be found on the right hand side of the introduction page once you have logged in. You will see that you are then able to enter a new password.

The Toolkit User Guide can be found at the bottom of the Team Resource Bank.