Please note, this framework has now closed as we have moved to a new site for 2023!

The Greener Primary Care Framework and Award Scheme is closed for 2022 and has now moved to a new site for 2023.

Thank you for visiting the Greener Primary Care Wales Green Impact toolkit. We have now re-launched on a new platform and this website is no longer active. Register on the new toolkit here! You will need to register on the new toolkit, even if you participated in the scheme last year in 2022 or used other Green Impact toolkits before. Please follow instructions on the page linked above to complete registration on the new site.

If you have previously taken part in the 2022 Greener Primary Care Wales scheme, you can still log in to view your previous submissions, but you will not be able to complete further actions on this platform. Please visit the new toolkit for your next award.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us on or