Welcome to Green Impact for Health

Welcome to Green Impact for Health

We started this toolkit and award scheme in 2014 as a collaboration between the RCGP, Health Education England, the University of Bristol, and the National Union of Students. The RCGP provides continuing financial support for the website and its administration which is hosted by the NUS.

A volunteer group who are mostly GPs and are led by Terry Kemple (Past President RCGP, and the current RCGP representative for sustainability, climate change and green issues) keep the toolkit up to date.

This toolkit is designed by GPs for GPs, supported by sustainability professionals, to help General Practices improve their sustainability and environmental impact. It can help you reduce waste, reduce practice costs and address the risks of climate change.

The RCGP is also a founder member of UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

For help using the toolkit, please take a look at the user guide. You can also access FAQs via the HELP section found in the top-right corner of this web page.

If you are a new user - you can use the toolkit in two ways. It is a:
1.List of actions to do in general practice, with the reason why you should do them and advice on how to do them
2.Continuing improvement process for your practice team where you collect points and awards each year as you increase your practice’s achievements.

To get started, please use the links on the right to register yourself onto your practice's team, or log in. There are suggestions about how to start in the first page after you have logged in. We may be able to match you with someone in a local practice that is experienced with Green Impact. Please ask if you want us to make a match.

If you are an existing user - Thank you for your efforts so far, and we hope you are benefiting from making your practice greener!

What’s different in this fifth cycle 2018/19

All the criteria have been checked and updated where necessary. The points system has been changed so that there a maximum 100 points available in each of the sections Bronze, Silver, Gold and Bonus. To achieve each award 75 points are needed in each section.

In the comments section all the criteria are mapped to the 17 2015 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development(SDGs).

Your past information should have been transferred to the new 2018/19 toolkit. Many of the old 2017/18 criteria have been amended, some have been deleted.

There are new criteria in the Bonus section. If you have any problems with your migrated data then please contact Michelle Hemmingfield. For further explanation about changes see below.

Bronze: The 2017/18 criteria B020 and B022 regarding Social Prescribing has been combined into 2018/19 B020 Social prescribing and B022 has been changed to Exercise promotion

Silver: The 2017/18 criteria S012 and S014 have been partly included in 2018/19 B020. Social prescribing. S014 has been changed to reducing the use of single use plastics and S015 has been changed from Social Prescribing to Green and Blue prescribing.

Gold: The 2017/18 criteria G015 was a duplicate of G011. In 2018/19 G011 has been retained but G015 has been changed to a new criteria that reduces cross site travel in multi-site practices

Bonus: There is one new criteria C022 Encourages use of non-dairy milks