If you click on the different coloured tabs you will see the different criteria within themes. You can work simultaneously through the different themes, but you must complete all criteria within the Mandatory tab in order to gain an award.

To gain the various award levels you will need to achieve the following if you are an HE partnership:

Fairtrade University: 100 points (all mandatory criteria)
Fairtrade University (1 star): 225 total points
Fairtrade University (2 star): 350 total points
Fairtrade University (3 star): 475 total points

And the following if you are an FE partnership:
Fairtrade College: 100 points (all mandatory criteria - a leeway of 20 points will be applied if some of the mandatory criteria are not applicable to your organisation, making the minimum score 80 points)
Fairtrade College (1 star): 170 total points
Fairtrade College (2 star): 260 total points
Fairtrade College (3 star): 350 total points

For a variety of reasons it is likely that a number of partnerships taking part will not be able to meet all the mandatory criteria. If this applies to your partnership then there really is nothing to worry about - all it means is that your organisation will be classed as Working towards accreditation this year. The Fairtrade award is all about continual improvement rather than a one-off ranking exercise.

Submission of toolkits for those in the 2018-2020 cohort is Friday 27th March 2020, with audits to follow in May. For those on the 2019-2021 cohort, your submission deadline will be in Spring 2021.

If you have any queries regarding the criteria in the toolkit, any resource needs or technical issues please contact Aqeel Kapasi from SOS-UK @

There is a growing online resource bank available here that may be helpful when working through the criteria.