What is Green Impact for Health?
Green Impact for Health is a tried and tested formula developed by the RCGP and NUS. It has already been used over 100 General Practices across the country. Put simply it is an online DIY guide to help you make your General Practice more environmentally sustainable.

What is Sustainable Healthcare?
Sustainable Healthcare is the concept of providing healthcare in a way that is beneficial to patients without harming the planet. Green Impact for Health provides guidance about the small changes that will improve quality, save money and improve the environmental sustainability of your practice.

What is Planetary Health?
It links the disruptions of the Earth’s natural systems caused by humans with the resulting impacts on public health and then develops and evaluates evidence-based solutions to secure a world that is healthy and sustainable for everyone. Good planetary health will come by seeing the threats and reacting fast enough by switching to better ways of living.

What has changed in the toolkit since last year's (V5 2018/19) criteria?
Bronze: The 2018/19 B006 raises the need for a social prescribing champion or coordinator in the practice. B020, regarding Social Prescribing, has been combined into 2019/20 B006. The new B020 is about using rechargeable batteries. Two other new criteria are B023, which suggests using ‘Ecosia’ as the practice’s internet search engine, and B024, which asks that the practice promotes breastfeeding.

Silver: There are no new criteria but there are some changes in the text and advice.

Gold: G014 has been changed from using the GSK inhaler recycling scheme to showing evidence of 1) preferentially prescribing low volume salbutamol MDIs rather than high volume salbutamol MDI when salbutamol MDIs are required AND 2) minimising the use of MDIs which use HFA227ea as their propellent.

Bonus: There are some changes in the text, advice and point allocations. To begin with, there is C004 which refers to joining the UK bicycle to work scheme.

We also have a new theme called "Positive Impact" with new criteria: C024 - addressing ‘period poverty’, C025 - Divestment of personal fossil fuel investments, C026 - Promoting Green Impact prescriptions ‘its good for you and its good for the planet’, C027 - Putting climate change on the agenda for practice meetings and in the practice newsletters. C028 - asks if the practice has declared a climate emergency.

Where can I find out more information about the functionality of the workbook?
There is a user guide which you can refer to here which explains how to manage your personal and team account, how to access the glossary, how to make and review comments and evidence, how to export or print the workbook as well as submitting your workbook. If you are still having problems with a particular workbook functionality issue please contact us using the details found on the contact page or in the green footer below.

How much does it cost?
The scheme is completely free to use, there are no hidden costs.

How long does it take?
You can commit as few or as many hours as you like each year, there is no minimum requirement.

What are the commitments?
Some practices will have a half day visit from a small group of Medical Students to confirm which criteria have been achieved. You will be invited to an optional Annual Prize Giving in June where you will receive either a Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation certificate for your practice.

What criteria is best to start with?
The following are some suggestions about how you might like to start and make progress working through the criteria. Start with the Bronze criteria, but you can also complete any from the other categories that are easy for you

(B001 - B011) First steps
(B012 - B018) Winter 2019/20
(B019 - B023) Spring 2020

(S001 - S004) First steps
(S005 - S013) Winter 2019/20
(S014 - S020) Spring 2020

(G001 - G004) First steps
(G005 - G013) Winter 2019/20
(G014 - G022) Spring 2020

(C001 - C004) Health & Wellbeing
(C005 - C009) Procurement
(C010 - C012) Food
(C013 - C014) Waste & Recycling
(C015 - C020) Energy
(C021 - C023) Water
(C024 - C028) Positive Impact

What do I tell my Practice if I want to join?
We understand General Practice is under extreme pressure, and practices may feel unable to take on more than is absolutely necessary. However Green Impact for Health is developed by General Practice for General Practice which makes the process as easy as possible. In fact practices that completed only two simple actions from the toolkit each saved around £1000/year.

Can this relate to GP training?
If you are a trainee and having trouble finding high quality evidence on your e-portfolio for "Community Orientation" and "Primary care administration and Information Management & Technology" - this toolkit is your solution! It also help you learn more about management of General Practice.

What is a planetary health impact assessment and how do you it?
You can do your our own planetary health impact assessments to evaluate how your activity may cause environmental changes that affect natural systems and long-term health and decide how we can make meaningful restorations and reparations.
To do your own assessment follow the steps below
Check your personal carbon footprint using or
You can check your practices carbon footprint (in a bit more detail) or