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This toolkit is now closed. Join us on the new toolkit system!

Thank you for visiting the Green Impact toolkit. We have now re-launched on the new platform and this website is no longer in use. Register on the new toolkit here now!

We are no longer accepting new registrations on this site. You will need to register yourself and your practice team on the new toolkit. If you have an account on this system, you will need to re-register on the new system as your existing account will not move over:

1) Click register at the bottom of the log-in box on the new toolkit, and fill in your details.
2) You will then receive a verification email – you must activate your account to access the toolkit. This has replaced the registration code.
3) Once you verify your account you will be able to create or join a practice team. Check to see if your team is already there, otherwise the first person to register from each team will need to create it. Subsequent members will see your team and be able to join upon registration. Please include the town in your practice team name to avoid confusion.
4) You will then have access to the new toolkit and begin working towards your next Green Impact award!

The deadline for submission to receive an award on this current platform was 28th February 2023. You will now need to use the new system.

On the new system, we are returning to cyclical student-led audits. You can submit at any time on the new system, however audits will be completed in Autumn 2023.

Existing entries on this platform cannot be transferred automatically to the new web platform. You can simply copy and paste any already completed actions from the old website into the new website or download all your information from the toolkit as a spreadsheet then copy from this.

The toolkit aims to help General Practices make better decisions in this climate and ecological emergency. The NHS is responsible for 4-5% of the UK’s carbon footprint. This toolkit can help your general practice improve your sustainability and environmental impact; reduce your harmful impact on planetary health, the risks of climate change and reduce your practice expenses. It answers the question – ‘What can you do in your practice?’

If you want to know more then visit the Greener Practice website. It is the one-stop hub for UK general practices that want to become greener, with links to more information, including webinars, resources and practical tools. Twitter: @greenerpractice

This 5-minute video explains what the toolkit can do for your practice and why you should be doing it.

Green Impact is one of the Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) programmes that includes over 500 different organisations and over 158,000 people worldwide who are taking action on sustainability. Green Impact for Health is our toolkit designed for General Practices. By September 2022 >1300 general practices have signed up to take part and >100 practices have received an achievement award.

For general help using the toolkit, including FAQs, please visit https://greenimpact.nus.org.uk/green-impact-for-health/.

If you don’t want to register then you can view all the current criteria and the changes from the last version of the toolkit (but not any extra information) on a downloadable spreadsheet.

What will be different this year 2022/23?

September 2022
There are no major changes in the toolkit. We are trying to keep it simple and easy for you to use so you can just keep adding to it each year. All the criteria and other information have been checked and updated where necessary. Most of last year’s criteria are unchanged. Some may have minor changes in the criteria, further information and audit information sections. There are some new criteria in the ‘Extra’ tab on the left. All the current criteria are on the downloadable spreadsheet mentioned above.
The points system is the same. You can gain awards by accumulating sufficient points in any category. The awards are Pioneer, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Carbon. Further information appears when you log in.
All the criteria are mapped to the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

All your data from the 2021/22 toolkit should have been transferred to the new 2022/23 toolkit. If there has been a glitch in the transfer of data and you did not keep a copy of your data all of your previous entries for each year should also be in the archive on the ‘log in’ page (in the top R hand corner). If you have any problems with your migrated data then please email giforhealth@sos-uk.org

Please help to support this work by donating to SOS-UK via our charity PayPal account and choose the Green Impact Option

Thank you for taking part, and we hope you enjoy greening your practice!